A teacher takes a hand, opens a mind and touches a heart

Typical Day

Every day is slightly different, but a typical timetable is as follows:

Time Activity
9:15 Registration
9:30 Doors Closed.  Indoor and outdoor free play session.
10:00-10:45 Snack Time.  Children choose when they would like to break for snack whilst free play session continues.
11:30 Tidy Up Time
11:40 Group time/Phonics/Sticky Kids
11:55 Songs/Story Time/Music Makers
12:00 Lunch Time (if staying for afternoon session)
12:15 Home Time
12:30 Free Play
13:40 Tidy Up
13:45 Story Time/PE Session
14:15 Home Time

At the beginning of each session the children are welcomed by a member or staff as they arrive and register from 9:15am.

Free Play

Following registration, the children are free to choose from a range of activities in our three play areas. As the children play, the staff support them “in the moment” with all areas of learning and development to help with the transition to school including; numeracy, drawing, letters and communication, creating enthusiasm for learning.

Snack Time

Children wash their hands before sitting with friends for a healthy snack, which each child brings in from home. Milk and water are provided in addition to their water bottles that they bring in from home.

Group Time

The children are encouraged to help tidy up after free-play, and then it is Group Time. Children split into their colour groups with their key workers for different activities. Group time varies from day to day but usually includes some combination of physical activity, singing, writing, numeracy and phonics.

Lunch Time

Children staying for lunch (all children on Wednesday and children staying for the afternoon session on Tuesday and Thursday) bring a packed lunch.

Home Time

Every pre-school day ends with a story and music session.