“Caversham Heights Pre School is a brilliant early years setting for any child, however it felt even more special for us, as my son has a speech delay, as parents we were aware of it, but had hoped he would catch up over time. The Preschool however wanted to be on the front foot with it and called my husband and I in for a chat. We hadn’t realised but the preschool has a SENco teacher, the wonderful Hazel, she gave us some incredible advice straight away, which saw my son’s confidence shoot through the roof over night, which in turn saw an instant improvement in his speech. Hazel works 1-2-1 with Archie every Tuesday for a session, but also every day play does subtle learning activities with him, where he doesn’t even realise he is having some kind of speech therapy. Archie now has private speech therapy once a week, and Hazel actively emails me to ask for updates from the speech therapist for what she should be working on with him in school the following week. The reassurance and comfort this has given me as a parent is amazing, I know he will be going to school in September from the best possible start he could have. We all absolutely love Caversham Heights preschool and would recommend them to anyone who is looking for an early years setting.”

“My daughter has been at Caversham Heights Preschool for two years and we’ve had a fantastic experience; from the warm and dedicated staff to the friends she has made along the way. She always ran in without looking back and finished the day with a smile on her face. She loved it so much she would be disappointed when it was the weekend! They make learning fun and are brilliant at ensuring your child is ready for school. I’d recommend it to anybody and will be sending our youngest there as soon as he’s old enough.

“All three of my children have attended Caversham Heights pre-school and although they have very different personalities with different interests and approaches to learning they have all had a wonderful experience here.  The staff are dedicated and tailor their approach to each child’s personality. I would highly recommend the pre-school.”

“My son is very happy at Caversham Heights Pre-School. He can be a shy child but pre-school has dramatically improved his confidence. The enthusiastic staff really get to know the children as individuals and tailor their learning experiences accordingly. Communication with parents is excellent. I love visiting on my “parent help” days and seeing what all of the children get up to!

“My children both loved their time at Caversham Heights Pre-School. The nurturing staff really helped to increase my son’s confidence and ensure he had a firm foundation on what to expect at primary school. The fun environment and wide toy selection encouraged him to make strong friendships, which have lasted years. My daughter thrived on the creative activities and performances, particularly the Nativity show. I was very happy with the Preschool’s care and early years education of my children, it’s a lovely community to be part of.

“Can’t recommend Caversham Heights Pre-School enough really. Both of my children (9 and 4) went to the preschool and they both enjoyed so much at preschool. The head and teachers are lovely and caring with extensive experiences to help the toddlers to develop and grow into preschoolers. The CH preschool also offers a wide range of topics and activities for children to explore and participate such as Christmas nativity, farm visit, healthy eating, sports day and summer concerts and lots more! My second child who demanded to go to preschool every morning now has just graduated this week and we will truly miss our lovely outstanding preschool.”